Hypnotherapy - Selective Mutism

Selective Mutism

Selective Mutism is a social anxiety disorder, which primarily affects children and can be very disabling in certain situations, usually where the child feels anxious in a social situation. It typically starts before the age of 5, but can be later,  and often goes unnoticed until they start school or nursery. Hypnotherapy can help the […]

Hypnotherapy - Exam Nerves

Exam Nerves and Focusing

Children can become very anxious when faced with Exams or find it difficult to focus on their school work. Some of the reasons may be: They do well at coursework, but become very anxious when faced with an exam. Other children need help with focus, concentration and organisation of thinking and learning, either in class or at […]

Hypnotherapy - Fussy Eating Children

Fussy Eating Children

Fussy or Selective eating is common with 20% of under 5′s. Children around 1-2 years old are more likely to eat a variety of different foods. At 2-3 years of age children reach a developmental stage where they want to choose what to eat and by the age of 3-4 years they are more likely […]

Thumb Sucking

Thumb (or finger) sucking is a habit that is most often a source of comfort for your child. This habit can respond easily and quickly to positive suggestion as long as your child is truly motivated to stop. I can help your child to stop sucking their thumb by using Positive Suggestions in Hypnotherapy to encourage […]

Bed Wetting

If you have a child that wets the bed, you may feel as though you are the only parent in the world who’s child has this unwanted habit. Bedwetting is far more common than you think. Bedwetting is common in 15% of all 5 year olds, nearly 10% of children over 9 years old and […]

Hypnotherapy - Insomnia


We all have occasional periods of time where we can’t get to sleep. If you have been having trouble sleeping for some time, you may be suffering from some form of underlying stress or anxiety. With Hypnotherapy I can re-educate you to help you to learn to sleep better, to help you to feel calm and […]

Myths about Hypnotherapy

“Can the therapist make me say or do something while I am under”? – Nobody can make you do or say anything that is against your principles. You don’t go ‘under’. Hypnosis is a state of relaxation with heightened awarenesses as your subconscious is bought to the fore. “I have a strong mind and I don’t […]

How Hypnotherapy can help with Seasonal Affective Disorder

Do you suffer from seasonal affective disorder? SAD’s is a very common problem. Many people suffer with anxiety, depression and feel totally unmotivated during the winter months. They feel more stressed and anxious, unmotivated find it harder to concentrate and are more unsociable than in the summer months. Tips to help you  feel better and boost […]

Weight Loss – Think yourself slim!

Losing weight isn’t particularly easy. For most people losing weight and keeping the weight off is difficult…… if you think it’s difficult, it,s actually more likely to be that way. One of the first steps in becoming slimmer, fitter and healthier is knowing what  you want. Most people say they want to lose weight……..do you […]

Hypnotherapy - Treating Stress

Treating Stress

Do you ever feel stressed and tense in certain situations? We can all react negatively to certain situations, say or do things we regret in the heat of the moment. If you just give yourself the time to step back, you could find that you react more positively. Take the time to breath. Breathing slowly […]