Let’s talk about perimenopause

Perimenopause……(Peri – Greek for around or near) I didn’t think I would be writing about the perimenopause yet. It sounds like menopause, and menopause is for old women .. right? In my head I am still in my 30’s, but in reality I will be 47 in June! Having spoken to friends and colleagues of […]

Productivity in the workplace

How do you motivate yourself at work? NLP and Hypnotherapy are great for helping to boost your confidence, set and achieve realistic goals, and motivate you to get the most out of life. More companies care about their employees wellbeing at work, I have been running wellbeing at work seminars at DMH Stallard Solicitors in […]

Hypnobirthing with friends

  Have you thought about which ante-natal class you are going to do? Hypnobirthing is a fantastic class which teaches you not only the science behind the birthing process, but also relaxation techniques and visualisations which will enable you to have a calm, relaxed birth, as nature intended. After just one session clients feel more […]


Bullying is a serious problem, and mustn’t be ignored. It commonly occurs to and from school and in the playground. Cyber bullying is now very common, so people are also getting bullied in their own homes. If you are being bullied, either physically, emotionally or verbally it is very important to tell someone you trust […]