Benefits of Hypnobirthing

Benefits of Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing has enormous benefits for mum, dad/birth partner and baby

For Mum
* You will learn the techniques that will enable you to facilitate the production of Oxytocin – the hormone of calm, and Endorphines – the bodies own pain relief. This will enable you to have a positive, calm and comfortable birth experience.
* Research has shown that a positive birth experience tends to lessen the chances of experiencing post-natal depression symptoms.
*Mum will receive the biggest surge of Oxytocin, the hormone of Love, which will support and encourage bonding and breastfeeding.
* Labour tends to be shorter and less painful. Some mums say it wasn’t painful, intense and powerful yes, but not painful. This lessens the need for pain relieving drugs during labour.

For Dad/Birth Partner
* Hypnobirthing Dad’s feel calm, confident and in control. This calmness and confidence is a huge support for the mum.
* Bonding between mum and dad/birth partner are strong because of the active part the dad/birth partner plays in the birth process.
* Dad/birth partner feels empowered because of the supportive role they have played in the birth experience.

For Baby
* The Baby’s first experience of life outside the womb is calm and gentle. Setting a blueprint for life.
* Baby will be alert and free from trauma.
* During the Hour after birth baby will instinctively crawl towards mum’s breast to feed & will have the energy to do so

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