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For the past 3 years i’ve avoided flying due to my fear.
An opportunity to go to Iceland on a school trip came up and as i really wanted to go on it with my friends i knew i had to overcome my fear.
I went to see Lisa for a Hypnotherapy session and it made so much more of an impact than i had expected.
I listened to a calming tape i was given and did some exercises every night and by the time it got to the flight i was ready and optimistic. I listened to the hypnosis tape as the plane took off and it helped instantly.
I enjoyed the trip without dreading the flight home.
My parents have now booked flights for our family summer holiday which they haven’t been able to do for 3 years!
Thank you Lisa.

Phoebe 15 years old- Surrey

“Lisa has a naturally calm and warm manner. She has helped me so much in coping with Anxiety and PMT related issues. From the first session, I felt completely comfortable sharing my problems with Lisa; she is a fantastic listener, so understanding and non judgemental. After ever Hypnotherapy session, I left feeling utterly amazing and positive. It was as if she has triggered something deep inside of me – maybe a confidence in coping- that I didn’t even realise I had. I would not hesitate to recommend Lisa as a Hypnotherapist to anybody. I was actually pretty sceptical to start with……So happy I was proved wrong!”

Lyla Green, 33, Hove, East Sussex.


“I visited Lisa at West Hove Hypnotherapy to overcome my fear of Public Speaking and Presenting in front of large groups. I had hoped for some improvement in my confidence and anxiety levels, but was unprepared for how quickly this happened, and how relaxed and energised I felt in general. The simple techniques which Lisa used enabled me to generate a feeling of calm and confidence which can not only be applied to Presenting, but also to many aspects of everyday life. After struggling for a long time with the worry caused by this part of my work, I now actually look forward to it. I would recommend the treatment to anyone who feels nervous at the prospect of talking to an audience of any size. Not only will your presentations be better, but you will personally get a lot more out of it than you might expect. Thank you Lisa.”

Katie Smith, 43, Hove, East Sussex.


“Lisa’s Hypnotherapy has helped me to achieve a sustainable weight. I now look at food differently and consider hunger levels and my reason for eating. I am now able to maintain my goal weight without dieting. I understand better my original reasons for overeating. Lisa has a delightful manner and I always leave with a good sense of well being. Thank you Lisa”.

Carla, 50, Hove, East Sussex.


“It was a really positive experience having Lisa use Hypnotherapy to support my anxieties when I was Learning to Drive and before my Driving Test. She was extremely reassuring, supportive and positive. I found it really helpful that the sessions were tailored towards me. I would highly recommend attending Lisa’s session for Driving Lessons and Driving Tests as my confidence grew and I passed my test first time”.

Amy, 22, Hove.


“Lisa has enabled me to re focus, prioritise and to stop procrastinating and get the job done. I have re found my focus and my inner strength. She is magical.”

Anne, Hove


“I visited Lisa when I was having a particularly stressful period at work… our organisation was going through a major re-structure, with many people at risk of redundancy. Through hypnotherapy, Lisa taught me some relaxation and stress management techniques that I could draw on during the day so that I regained a sense of control of the situation; it helped enormously and I would really recommend Lisa to others.”

Annalis, Hove


“After numerous, unsuccessful visits and stop smoking aids from the doctor ie, patches, champix etc, I decided to try hypnotherapy. I was feeling totally unmotivated and felt I wouldn’t ever stop smoking. During my first session, I was given achievable objectives to start my therapy. These were doable and attainable. After setting my stop smoking date Lisa did a hypnotherapy session with me, which I thought was for about ten minutes, but actually was more like an hour! After several sessions, I didn’t feel inclined to smoke.I must add that Giving up smoking wasn’t really easy for me but through hypnotherapy sessions I became motivated and determined to give up smoking.”

Lara, Hove.



“My previous birth experience had been a lengthy hospitalised induction followed by re-admission with feeding problems of my new born. This had left me with some fears and anxieties to deal with, so much so that I was nearing toward an elected caesarean.
Through studying hypnobirthing techniques with Lisa, I was given a coping mechanism.
It helped me find calmness which I was able to use to add back a positive focus and use during a natural labour.
With this second pregnancy I once again had a hospitalised induction, but with the use of visualisations and breathing techniques, the length of labour seemed reduced dramatically. The Midwife was impressed with the way I was able to breath calmly through my surges until I was fully dilated. She told me that I had dilated in less than half the time expected.
I believe hypnobirthing helped me achieve the natural delivery I wanted, leaving me feeling elated upon my second daughters arrival.
Breast feeding has also been successful this time. I have had a really good supply from the very beginning.
Thank you Lisa for helping make the birth of ‘baby sister’ a happy one (no name yet).”

Eloise, Brighton.

Lisa was recommended to us by a close friend who’d had a much more positive birth second time around after attending Lisa’s hypnobirthing course. Being our first baby, neither of us were quite sure what to expect from childbirth or how we’d react when they time arrived. I suddenly panicked that perhaps I’d never felt ‘proper’ pain and would fall apart just when I needed to be at my strongest. My husband was also unsure as to what he was best doing during the birth to truly support me.

We turned up to our first class not quite sure what to expect. A couple of hours later, we left totally calm, looking forward to our next session and eager and positively excited about the birth of our child.

Lisa’s sessions focus on removing the fear and all the negative imagery we pick up on a daily basis when considering modern day childbirth and instead they focus on the natural and our inherent ability to birth gently, calmly and swiftly.

Our baby’s birth didn’t initially quite go as we’d hoped – we’d had our hearts set on a home birth but, due to a number of unforeseen circumstances, ultimately a number of interventions were required – not the experience we’d envisaged.

Despite this however our birth was ultimately incredible, natural & beautiful. The ability to remain calm and focused allowed a super speedy dilation and, just over an hour later, our baby boy was delivered gently, healthily, well and alert, with no pain relief. According to my husband, I was in a trance like state throughout the whole experience and not for a second did I feel overwhelmed. The affirmations and techniques Lisa taught us really saw us through. Our baby’s birth was honestly the best experience of our lives to date.

Lisa has an amazingly calm & soothing nature to her. The sessions were an absolute pleasure to attend and we’ve made good friends, who’ve been a support before and after the birth of our baby. We have and will continue to recommend Lisa to our friends and family. We felt no fear at all in the run up to our baby’s birth, simply excitement and belief in our own abilities.

Jen – Brighton


Ben and I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for preparing us so brilliantly for the birth experience.

The relaxation tools, the breathing and the prep we had done as a couple all got us into exactly the right mindset and helped us stay positive, focused and calm even in in a more medical hospital environment.

We loved the course with you and are so so happy we did it. It definitely worked! And we’ve had so many people react in amazed voices – no pain relief at all? And no intervention even with induced labour? Hypnobirthing is definitely to thank.

Hannah and Ben – Brighton

We were still lifting my 8 year old son at night in order for him to sleep through the night without wetting the bed. He refused to wear night time pants (thankfully) and was just getting too heavy to lift. He was getting frustrated as he just couldn’t seem to wake himself up to go for a wee. A friend recommended Lisa. We had 2 sessions with her, my son thought she was great as she made the sessions fun for him. Lisa gave us some tools to take away, things we had to do at home, as well as a CD for my son to listen to every night whilst he fell asleep. We were amazed at his progress. It did take a few weeks of perseverance but he managed more dry nights than wet ones from the beginning, which was a first. It has been 3 months now and my son only has dry beds. He is a much happier boy and is planning a sleepover with his best friend at half term. Thanks Lisa.

Stella – Brighton

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