Hypnotherapy - Driving Test Nerves

Beat your Driving Test Nerves

Do you have your driving test coming up? Have you invested lots of time and money having driving lessons so that you can drive independently? Do you find that your nerves are getting the better of you? It is very common to go into the ‘Fight or Flight’ response when we have a driving test. Your conscious mind argues; when you think you can pass, it can tell you the ‘what if’s which can sometimes sabotage your best intensions. You can suffer from fast, shallow breathing, shaky or sweaty hands, shaky legs, feeling nauseous and more.

In 3 sessions I can help you to feel calmer and more confident, ready to go out and pass your test. I will teach you relaxation techniques which will help you to control your anxiety and enable you to feel calm and confident. These techniques will help you not only with your driving test but in any life situation where  you want to feel calm and confident.

Fee- £108 for 3 sessions. ( 20% off my usual fee of £135)

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