Bed Wetting

If you have a child that wets the bed, you may feel as though you are the only parent in the world who’s child has this unwanted habit. Bedwetting is far more common than you think. Bedwetting is common in 15% of all 5 year olds, nearly 10% of children over 9 years old and up to 2% of over 16′s are still wetting the bed. These numbers are an estimate of course, because bedwetting is a subject that most parent don’t want to discuss.

Solving your child’s bedwetting problem is much more than achieving dry nights; it is about giving your child an increase in their level of self confidence, both at home and at school.

Whatever the original cause, many children get into the mindset that they can’t control their bladder, they are in the habit of ignoring the signs at night, and they expect to wet the bed. However it is worth making sure  there is not an underlying medical reason such as a urinary infection, diabetes or a kidney problem.

Common contributory causes of Bedwetting:

Slow development of the Regulatory systems which allows the bladder to gradually distend over many hours without emptying. The body is slow to produce enough of the hormone called Antidiuretic Hormone (ADH). ADH limits the production of urine, particularly during sleep.

They might have an over active bladder.

Boys tend to be slower than girls, but not in all cases.

They may be deep sleepers and don’t notice the signals from the bladder.

Emotional stress – sometimes upset at school, family difficulties, new baby or anything that can disrupt the child’s emotional stability can be the cause of secondary nocturnal enuresis, where the child has been dry for some time before starting to wet the bed.

Hypnotherapy is good at breaking unwanted habits, such as bedwetting, and is also great at helping to reduce the stress and anxiety that your child may feel when they wet the bed. I have made an MP3 recording that your child can listen to away from our sessions.

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