Confidence & Self Esteem

Sometimes, for whatever reason, some children just seem to be unaware of their own personal qualities, often comparing themselves unfavourably to others and thinking that they have little to offer. They lack the confidence to do things, try new things or just to be themselves, they are more dependant on others and are less resilient in the face of negative peer pressure.

Our Self concept is the view or image we have of ourselves, and Self esteem is the value we place on that image. Children may have an accurate concept or image of themselves, for example that they are great at sport and academically bright, but if they do not place any value on that concept, their Self esteem can still be low.

Hypnotherapy can help your child to see the value in their achievements, so that their Self Esteem rises. I can help your child to form a more accurate view of their self concept, alert them to the positive qualities they possess, build their confidence and resilience, remind them that they are loved and appreciated and show them how to value and respect those qualities.

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