Hypnotherapy - Exam Nerves

Exam Nerves and Focusing

Children can become very anxious when faced with Exams or find it difficult to focus on their school work. Some of the reasons may be:

They do well at coursework, but become very anxious when faced with an exam.

Other children need help with focus, concentration and organisation of thinking and learning, either in class or at home.

Some children display several symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Some children display several symptoms of Dyslexia, whether or not they fulfil all the criteria for a diagnosis.

They may lack the confidence in their ability and have low self esteem.

They may have unsympathetic teachers who affect their school work negatively.

They may have anxiety  or emotional problems.

They may be suffering from School Phobia and so may be behind with their work, because of infrequent attendance.

I can help;

To boost your child’s self image and confidence.

Help them to manage their difficulties.

Discover and emphasise their individual strengths.

Help your child’s understanding of their difficulties, that they do not come from stupidity.

Help your child to ignore unhelpful negative beliefs and their opinions of themselves or others.

Improve your child’s concentration and listening skills.

Strengthen your child’s perseverance.

Help your child to improve their confidence and courage to ask for help and extra time when needed.

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