IEMT - Integral Eye Movement Therapy

IEMT – Integral Eye Movement Therapy

What is IEMT?

IEMT was developed by Andrew T Austin out of Steve and Connirae Andreas’ model of Eye Movement Integration.

‘Integral eye movement technique is a brief change work process that generates rapid change in the area of undesired emotional and identity imprints. The process and algorithms of the technique answers the question, “How did the client learn to feel this way, about that thing?” and applies specific change at the right place within the clients model of the world.’
‘The aim of the IEMT model is primarily to address undesired emotional and identity imprints, enabling a “freeing up” of conscious resources and placing the person more in the present time both psychological and emotionally.’ Andrew T Austin

Essentially the client will be invited to hold the problematic imagery (thought/feeling) in their mind whilst the eyes are moved in different directions. The practitioner precisely calibrates the eye movements, enabling change work to happen with precision. The speed with with change can occur is remarkable. This results in a reduction of the emotional impact of the imagery and therefore the emotional intensity of the problem is significantly reduced.

IEMT is a particularly useful technique to use with teenagers or clients who find it difficult to open up or articulate their thoughts and feelings.
IEMT helps clients who feel ‘stuck in the past’, or have feelings of guilt, shame or blame. It is helpful with self esteem issues and identity beliefs.

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