Treating Tics and Tourettes


It is estimated that 1 in 4 children can develop a simple tic during their school years that will disappear as they get older. Children vary in how much or little they are affected by them. The environment and other’s reactions play an important role here. Tics can be motor tics (blinks, twitches of nose, eyes  or mouth),  or they can be vocal tics (grunts, snorts, throat clearing or sniffs).Tics in younger children are usually transient, but they can be chronic.

Tourettes Syndrome (TS)

Tourettes is a complex neurological disorder that causes multiple motor ( blinks, twitches of nose, eyes or mouth)and vocal tics.  TS can include one or more of the following: the uncontrollable use of obscene language, repetition of other peoples’ phrases, the use of and copying of obscene gestures. Usually when diagnosed with Tourettes  the tics will usually have begun in early childhood, before the age of 18.

Aims of Hypnotherapy treatment

  • Increase calm and relaxation in general.
  • Take control over the tic in specific places/occasions/for longer periods of time.
  • Build confidence and self esteem.

If your child has Tics or Tourettes contact me to find out how I can help.

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