Hypnobirthing with friends

Beautiful, calm Hypnobirthing baby

Beautiful, calm Hypnobirthing baby


Have you thought about which ante-natal class you are going to do? Hypnobirthing is a fantastic class which teaches you not only the science behind the birthing process, but also relaxation techniques and visualisations which will enable you to have a calm, relaxed birth, as nature intended. After just one session clients feel more calm and confident about the birth of their baby. I have just started a group course with 3 couple who are all friends. One of the couples is hosting the sessions at their house as they have a toddler and so it saves them having to find a baby sitter. Each week the couples are alternating bringing yummy nibbles and soft drinks. It is a lovely, relaxed, fun atmosphere and is lovely to see their confidence growing each session.

If you think you would like to arrange a private group Hypnobirthing course in Hove or the surrounding areas contact me to find out more. Reduced fees apply.

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